Chocoheaven at Cadbury World

For a birthday treat we headed to Cadbury World. You have to pre-book to go and as it was Good Friday it was heaving so I can see why you needed to book.

There is lots of car parking and the attraction was easy enough to navigate from the motorways.

When we arrived we headed straight into the experience. On checking in to the entrance the kids were given bags of chocolate with about 5 chocolate bars in. If anyone has experience of trying to pry chocolate bars from the sweaty hands of a stroppy toddler, then you will know my pain here after the 3rd bar was consumed in 10 minutes.

Also, I have to point out that I was with my sister-in-law who has MS and can’t stand for long, so we got a purple pass to jump queues. The queues for everything seemed massive so although I felt cheeky it was much appreciated!

We learned about the history of Cadbury and watched a 4D film and it was fun to see the old adverts which included an animated gorilla playing the drums to the Phil Collins song and the Coronation Street adverts. There is a small ride where you sit in a car on a track and see some really weird puppet elves. And you get to tour the factory too and see chocolate being made and sample a small pot of chocolate liquid.

Outside there was a big playground to burn off all that sugar! There was also an outlet shop which didn’t seem any cheaper than normal to me, but people were going crazy.

The kids wouldn’t pose with the Caramel bunny, so I made sure I got a photo!

Caramel Bunny at cadbury worldI have to say I didn’t LOVE this attraction. It felt too contrived and gluttonous! Which I know I kind of missed the point of a chocolate experience. Or maybe it’s because I am on Weight Watchers and just thought of all the points I was consuming.

The whole experience went over my 3-year old’s head, but my 6-year-old loved it. It’s chocolate though, so who wouldn’t’!

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