Wartime Upton House

Upton House near Banbury is a fantastic place to visit. Yes, a National Trust property, so again think about joining if you are not members (ha, I’m not paid by them!)

We on VE Day in May, so lots of stalls and enthusiasts telling the history of the house during WW2. They had a band, costumes and even a Winston Churchill lookalike giving a speech.

2016-05-08 13.49.18The house tells the history of how during the war it was home to staff of a bank – so the rooms are all set up in 1940s with typewriters and also dormitories.

The garden is great to explore and there is a swimming / paddling pool which the kids stripped off and got in to. So yes, bring a towel!

There is a steep walk down to the gardens and it was great to sit in the shade and take in the atmosphere.

2016-05-08 14.42.45

The National Trust coffee shops are always good – with good strong coffee.


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