Coughton Court – Gunpowder Plot & Roses

Coughton Court near Studley in Warwickshire is home to the Throckmorton family and managed by the National Trust and is a great place to visit with the family.

We have visited here many times and the gardens are great to explore with lots of grass to run around on and enjoy picnics. Coughton Court hosts lots of special events too during the school holidays such as Easter and Halloween trails and at Christmas  the house is decorated and a really lovely place to visit.

coughton-court-lawnsCoughton Court Rose Gardens

On a cloudy day in June we headed to Coughton Court for a an afternoon out to sniff some roses as the rose garden here is amazing and there are so many varieties of roses to spot. The gardens are beautiful to roam around and there is a lake and vegetable garden to explore.

Coughton Court House

The house at Coughton Court is timed entry and as with most National Trust properties they give the kids an eye spy to keep them going around the house. There are gowns to dress up in so we practised our ‘old fashioned faces’ (see below!)

Coughton courtThen we headed out to the gardens to practice cartwheels and we brought butterfly kites (£2 each) to encourage them to run around and get tired.

Coughton Court is a lovely place to visit with the kids as it has a good tea room and gardens to run around in.


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