Fairy Hunting at Trentham

Trentham Gardens is a family favourite. The gardens have a beautiful walk around the lake with fairy sculptures along the way to spot. Then a massive playground suitable for all ages and cafes to relax and earn that cup of coffee you earned!

Getting There and Parking

It is about an hour drive up the M6 from Tamworth. The parking is free and it is easy to find with signs from the major roads.


Before entering the gardens, there are lots of wooden chalet shops to browse or maybe grab a bite to eat. There are cafes inside the gardens too.

Entry Fee for Trentham Gardens

You have to pay to enter the Trentham Gardens – £10.25 adult and £8.75 a child (children under 5 go free). But it is worth it – I promise!

We opt to walk around the lake and spot the fairy sculptures along the way (ask the reception for a sheet to tick them off). You can also catch the boat which sails across the lake though for about £2 a return.

2016-07-10 14.38.33 HDR

There is a cafe half way round for an icecream and coffee stop and from here you can pay to visit Monkey Forest.


Then another half an hour walk to a MASSIVE playground and cafe. The playground has climbing frames, sit on cars, sand pits, a rope swing – so lots to keep all ages of children happy.

The Italian Garden

Depending on which way you walked around the lake, you get to the Italian Garden first or last. It really is very impressive – with straight views and hidden ponds.

2016-07-10 15.31.38

Shops – Again!

There are lots of trinket shops to browse and if you have time visit the huge garden centre for more shopping.

A great day out – whatever season. Obviously summer is amazing here, but we have been on the bleakest winter day too and it was lovely.

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