Riding Dragons in Warwick

If you are looking for a great day out, with waterplay, a park to run around and if you choose a bit more adventure, then head to St Nicholas Park in Warwick for the day.

Car Parking

We parked over the river on Myton Road for 4 hours of parking for £3. There is a car park at St Nicholas Park but it was already full at 11am, so head to the big grassy field just over the river. Then a short walk over the bridge to the park where there was a great play park suitable for all ages, large fields for picnics and a waterplay area.

Waterplay Area

The kids really enjoyed stripping off to swim costumes and playing in the paddling area so make sure you bring towels! The area was really busy, but it felt safe. There was a fenced off area for the shallow pool to play in.


There is a cafe which 3 kids sandwich boxes and 2 jacket potatoes and drinks came to about £25. So… lesson no.1 ALWAYS BRING A PICNIC!


There are fairground rides here too, which were £10 for 12 tokens.

Dragon Pedalos

But we chose to enjoy a trip along the river in a pedalo instead. It was £15 for a family (2 adults 3 children) for half an hour on a dragon pedalo (they had flamingos and swans too) from Warwick Boats and it was great fun to sail up to the impressive Warwick Castle.

The half an hour was more than enough time to have some fun, take it in turns for everyone to have a go before our legs got tired and we were happy to get back to dry land.

This was a great day out, with lots of families enjoying picnics and playing games in the park. It can be as cheap as you like – bring picnics and just enjoy the waterplay; or there is the option for fairground rides and boat activities.

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