Apple Day at Castle Bromwich Gardens

I love all things Autumn, especially quirky festivals that make you feel very English! Apple Day at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens was a great find and I would recommend a visit there throughout the year.

Apple Day was held at the volunteer run gardens on Sunday 16th October and we went along to spend an hour or so and luckily for us the weather was just perfect.

The gardens are located near Spitfire Island – near Junction 5 of the M6 in Erdington and have been on my list to visit for some time, but never got around to.

Car parking was free and it cost £4.50 to enter the gardens. Children under 5 were free. I didn’t mind paying this price, as you could see it was run by volunteers and the money would be used to keep the gardens going. The 10 acre walled gardens have been restored to 16th – 17th century formal gardens and a lot of effort has been made.

apple-day-gardensMy three-year-old makes the decisions of where to go to by running off and not looking back. So to begin with we headed outside the walls of the garden and found lots of hidden treasures like a frog pond, mud kitchen and apple orchards to hide in.

We then headed back in to the main gardens and found lots of apple displays.


Ok, are you ready? Here are some apple facts!

  • You could eat a different apple every day for more than six years and still note come to the ned of the varieties grown in Britain
  • Nearly two thirds of England’s orchards have disappeared since the 1950s
  • Apples arrived in the west from China and were carried by traders along the Silk Road to the Balkans and then came via the Romans to our shores.

Ok, enough! But yes, everyone loves an apple. So much so, at this Apple Day you could play apple games, take part in apple crafts, taste freshly pressed apple juice (50p a cup) and even have amazing apple art face paintings (but at £4 we decided not to).

apple-day-morris-dancersWith this there was birds of prey, traditional bee keeping, corn doll making, apple peeling games and Morris dancers. Plus, homemade cakes for just 60p a slice!


Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens are a great place to place to visit as there is lots of space to run around and explore. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a local park or gardens to visit to spend an afternoon.

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