Tamworth Castle

Tamworth Castle is a great place to visit with the children to get them to explore English history.

Tamworth Castle hosts some great events including Viking re-enactments in the summer and we went along to the Halloween themed events in October half term.

The castle is not suitable for pushchairs as a lot of cobbled stone paths and stairways. I would also recommend it for children probably 6 plus, as although my 3 year old enjoyed it there was a lot of steep stairways and it is actually pretty spooky!

tamworth-castle-dollsThere is free parking if you park by the bowling alley, or we parked in Ankerside multi-storey which was £3.50 for 6 hours, so pretty reasonable. It is £7 admission for adults and £4.50 for children over 5.

During the half term week there were actors dressed up in each room that appeared from nowhere, which made me scream more than the children. Although not very scary, the whole experience was more creepy and very suitable for Halloween.

We started off by meeting a witch who taught the children to make potions. There was also games of tic tac toe and ping pong eye balls play.

tamworth-castle-witchWe then visited the Lady’s Chamber and was greeted by the ghost of St Editha, who told us her story.

In the bedchamber upstairs there was the ghost of a maid who again made us (me!) jump and scream. The actors were very friendly, and they obviously enjoyed appearing from nowhere! The maid told us of how she died throwing a chamber pot from the balcony and a gust of wind knocked her over.

Perhaps the most disturbing story was of the barber-surgeon who had plates of cut off ears and brain! My girls didn’t seem bothered too much, but I think I would have been petrified when I was younger. There were some older boys near our group though that loved this story and kept coming back to hear more!

tamworth-castle-barberThroughout the castle there are lots of dressing up boxes; information on the walls about the history of the room; and interactive games.


It was a great day out and we ended it off with a run around the playground in the castle grounds.

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